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Livre Cameroon : Historical Perspectives on Borders, Conflicts, Peace and Governance
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Roland Ndille
 Préface de René Ngek Monteh
Emergences africaines

The study of history in Cameroon has most of the time been national and political. In our school textbooks and university courses, there is hardly an emphasis on local contents mastery. This has had implications for the articulation of grassroots research and local contents. Cameroon: Historical Perspectives on Borders, Conflicts, Peace and Governance is an authoritative volume which draws its place in Cameroons historiography from the originality of the historical evidence presented and from the subaltern perspectives adopted. The book, in the majority speaks to local history. It not only draws on local contents but captures the role of local agents and phenomena in historical causation. Topics include land and boundary/border conflicts, indigenous conflict resolution, local players in historical construction, peace building, national questions and identity issues. University lecturers, teachers, researchers and Postgraduate students would find the contents most illuminating while those preparing to undertake research would find it very inspirational.

Roland Ndille is Associate Professor at the University of Buea-Cameroon where he also serves as Head of the Department of History and African Civilizations. He is the convenor of the Annual Cameroon History Postgraduate Conference (CHPC) and is founder and Principal Investigator of the Global South Epistemologies Research Lab (GloSERC) at the University of Buea Cameroon. His research interests are in History of Religion, History and Policy of Education, History of Science and Technology and Provenance Research all with a Decolonial perspective.

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ISBN : 978-2-14-049638-7 • 18 septembre 2023 • 330 pages

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