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Livre My vision for Cameroon
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Reflexion on Cameroonian realities and potentials
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This should be a captivating book both for the author's compatriots and beyond. From the Prologue, devoted to a « risky » sketch of the moral portrait of the Cameroonian, to an annex presenting some Proposals for Action, through the four chapters (1. Cameroon as an idea, ethnic groups and the nation-state ; 2. State power ; 3. The field of development ; 4. Cameroon in Africa and in the world), Njoh Mouellé analyses, criticises in the sense of evaluating pro and contra the situation, and ends up formulating argued proposals based on first-hand information. The text glitters with powerful and mobilising formulas one cannot help mentioning a few : « On certain great occasions, the idea of Cameroon has indeed illuminated the conscience of compatriots with patriotism. These illuminations must cease to be sporadic and occasional, to become « daily and permanent » ; or the following : « Cameroon cannot radiate abroad if, in the heart of Cameroonians, it does not first radiate ». As it was the case for Député de la nation, the book My Vision for Cameroon captures and keeps the reader in suspense.

Member of the National Assembly (1997-2002), Ebénézer Njoh Mouelle published Député de la Nation in 2002, and from then devoted his time between interests in political issues, animating the The Cameroonian Circle of Philosophy (Cercaphi) which he founded in 1995 and pursuit of his philosophical work (which counts, from that period, seven published books), with now a new focus on transhumanism and artificial intelligence. Government minister (2006-2007), he also organised intellectual events such as the international colloquium on Philosophy and Interpretations of Globalisation, and represented his country at the Executive Council of Unesco till November 2019.

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Langue : français
ISBN : 978-2-37369-072-9 • 25 janvier 2022 • 184 pages

EAN13 : 9782373690729
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